Menís velvet clothing

Published: 18th May 2012
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Menís velvet clothing will be seen on the runways of the year 2011 and 2012 too but by no means itís a new trend. Velvet clothing for men has stayed in and out of the trend for almost a decade, new alterations were made and the old trends got modified, new items came, old oneís went away still not such a boom was created. This year however from enthusiasts, fans and from celebrities on our favorite soaps we can tell that now this trend is going to stay for a very long time for the fall of 2011, 12 and may be for the next yearís fall too.

Add a bit of style to you profile, look elegant, stand out, are all the themes that this fine apparel seems to offer. Opt for a velvet full suit or a velvet sport jacket or maybe you can add fine outerwear items like velvet over coat to your wardrobe, make it as a wardrobe essential and add profound hints of glamour to your status.

Here we will tell you what trends have been resurfacing and being followed in the category of menís velvet clothing and what designers and fashionistas have done to modify this stylish trend.

Velvet suits

Pick the right color and the right fit for yourself if you want to have a go for the stylish velvet suit. Fashionistas need to be very careful while selecting the velvet suit for them because velvet suits though new, can make you look as if you borrowed it from your dad. Your dad might be cool but you need to be cooler so choose the right fit for yourself, velvet is made from variety of fabrics some seem rundown even on the first wear, these look great on jeans, if you want a casual cum formal look but for suits pick the velvet of refined and clear finished fabrics like silk and cotton.

Velvet overcoats

Velvet over coats are currently the most stylish and elegant trend for the fall 2012. This modish outerwear can be worn over anything whether it is a formal or casual dressing that you are in. try to avoid the relaxed fit in velvet over coats or else you will end up looking baggy and the grace of what you are wearing underneath will be marred. Add this trendy outer wear to the list of your wardrobe essentials only in the right fit and cut and feel the spot light on you with all the extra attention targeted to you.

Velvet lapels

Whether or not you are opting for a full velvet suit or outer wear, the style of velvet lapels is still going to add you to the club of menís velvet. Your full suit, blazer, jacket can be of any thing, from any material and of any print, color and material but the added velvet lapels it will sure add chic to your silhouette. You can choose from a variety of lapels designs available, whatever that you think goes along with your style and taste.

Velvet accessories

When we talk about velvet accessories a lot of things come under this category some examples are velvet caps and velvet shoes and slippers but the accessory that has created a trend and is being followed along with a lot more other trends is the velvet bow tie. You can wear the classic velvet bow ties with way many styles such as tuxedos and full suits made with or without of velvet. This stylish accessory is best for all formal occasions and will add a vintage look to your contour.

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