The comeback of 1950s 60s and 70s fashion trends

Published: 15th June 2012
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In the fashion apparel industry of this era trends keep on coming and trends keep on going. Many new trends are given birth by different designers and sometimes if a top celebrity is spotted wearing something unique and different it becomes opted by a majority of people and becomes a trend.

Since the past few years we have seen a lot new trends coming forth like women’s tuxedo and leather harness but a major change was noticed when old trends of 1950s, 60s and 70s were being adopted by fashion tycoons, celebrities and people alike. These trends were the best of their times and in this era too they represent a classic and vintage look.

Below we will discuss what trends of the previous eras saw their day again in this age and what specialty they had respectively.

The styles of 1950s

The styles of 1950s were one of a kind and they even trickled into 1960s too. Ladies of that era liked to wear clothing that defined an hour glass silhouettes. Majority of the women’s dresses were made fitted to define the waist and flatter all the curves of the body. Famous apparel such as the Chemise dress was also in the trend those days, it was basically a straight cut dress that was loose all over but a belt over the waist was also worn to represent an hour glass figure. Winter attire for women also saw a massive change; women stopped wearing shawls and went for coats that touched the knees. Wearing fur also represented status and it was mainly the accessory for the rich.

Nowadays we can spot many celebrities wearing the checkered and tartan clothing of the 50s such as Christina Aguilera and Scarlet Johansson.

For men tweed and flannel became very popular. The giants of the 70s were spotted wearing tweed jackets and even more leather jackets were also hugely popular in those days. The formal and casual apparel for men was almost the same with a slight difference of being with or without a bow tie. In place of t-shirts, checked button down shirts were very famous in that era. Marlon Brando always dictated the 70s fashion in his attire.

The styles of 1960s

It was basically the 50s trends that moved on to the 60s for women though many new hairs styles got introduced among which the Pixie haircut was very popular. This same ladies style was followed by Emma Watson which was seen in 2011 .Trends for men saw a bit of a change, for instance ladies started wearing fitted suits in place of loose suits with fitted suit jackets and narrow lapels.

Double breasted blazers were a thing of the 60s.A major trend of that era for men was the turtle neck shirts that were worn with blazers, sweaters and vests and even looked great on its own.

The styles of 1970s

It was basically the trends of 1950s that played the trick and got accustomed into decades that followed with only slight alterations and changes. Urban clothing saw its beginning in the era of 1970s, though it was just the beginning but from the apparel of the 70s, we come to know from where these flared trousers and ripped jeans come.
Bohemian gypsy clothing was very much popular in 1970s. Multi color shirts, printed button downs with long skirts were richly followed by people of all classes. Trousers with bell bottoms and head scarves were worn by almost everyone in that era .Still now we can spot a number of celebrities and people alike following the famous traditional trends of 1970s among which the polka dots printed shirts are worn by a majority, these days.

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